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The merit of a story can be ascertained by asking three simple questions: Does this story provide relevant information? Is it entertaining enough to catch the attention of the masses? Does this story inspire action?

Kenneth Owen is equipped with entry-level experience in both digital and broadcast media and works daily to expand his knowledge of Journalism and Media Production. Born with a desire to inform the masses through the use of entertainment, Kenneth strives to inspire people with the truth.

Kenneth Owen is a Journalist in training, news junkie and dedicated sports enthusiast.

Featured Stories

Sarasota Wins Close Game Against Braden River

Solid base running, strong pitching and a three-run first propelled the #6 Sarasota Sailors to an impressive 4-3 road win over a tough Braden River Pirates team. It was the very same Pirates team that they lost to less then a week ago. Both sides were evenly matched on offense and on defense, trading blows back and forth all night. It came down to who took advantage of more opportunities and in the end, Sarasota walked away victorious.

USFSP hosts St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs

Diplomats, military officials and academic experts from across the nation and around the globe filled the University Student Center at USF St. Petersburg to discuss topics on world affairs. The university hosted the St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs, drawing over 60 speakers to the event. The college’s honors program director Thomas Smith said panels purposefully have an “unusual mix of people” to offer diverse perspectives and spark discussion. Elite Tastes vs. Basic Needs: Organic,

Wharton Downs Strawberry Crest To Win 8A-4 Championship

From first pitch to final out, Wharton was in command of Thursday’s 8A-4 championship game. The Wildcats took the lead in the top of the first inning and never looked back, shutting out top seed Strawberry Crest to earn their second district championship in five years. Pitching was key to Wharton’s win over the Chargers. Starting pitcher Tyler Garam threw six innings of flawless baseball, allowing only four hits, three walks and striking out four.

Durant No-Hits Riverview, Advances To District Finals

Durant’s Jonah Scolaro threw a no-hitter Tuesday night to defeat the Riverview Sharks in an 8A-6 district semifinal to advance to the district championship. The Cougars and the Sharks locked heads in a classic pitcher’s duel between Scolaro and Riverview ace Jordon Leasure. Fans were on the edge of their seats as the two matched each other pitch-for-pitch throughout most of the game. In the end Durant came out on top 1-0.